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Phases of sunrise and sunset

So beautiful spectacles of nature that always deserve to be portrayed. This page is still under construction and serves as a hint for Password M - almost poetic sequence in the community of Orkut Discover the Password. All images on this page are my own and are in 960x540 resolution (half the full HD). The total load on this page is 1362KB.

ALVA, early morning light - how white it is ...

ALVA or alba is the name given to the first sunlight in the morning, well before sunrise. His name - and its significance - suggests that it is a white light, but little can be seen that white light. Actually, what you see is the sky gradually clearing, the first notion is that if you have the opportunity to see the blue sky and distinguish the clouds. So I leave the question: how is it white?

But yes, the morning is a faint white light, which only makes clear in his early to take the black sky, still showing his dark blue hue. The morning period is considered while there is no pink or orange hues, ie, as the sky and the clouds show shades of blue, white and gray. The beginning is very interesting: in one moment, the sky is black, suddenly you can see the blue. It was like the first picture below you could tell that there were clouds in the sky, but almost impossible to see. All it took was a distraction a wink and ready. The end of the morning is marked by a moment that is its height, it does break, like a touch, the next period.

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But at its height makes fast break as a hint ...

The height of the morning takes place in just a moment: DAWN. The word is also used dawn to designate any occasion sunrise, but actually means beginning or start. Thus, dawn is the beginning of sunrise (or dawn). It is a subtle difference: the word dawn marks the beginning of dawn, which is the beginning of the day.

And it is the most perfect expression of the true meaning of words. During the morning, have the effect of sunlight, which, although far has been slowly clearing the skies. But at this stage we see is blue and gray tones, as if the projection of white light on a dark background. At the time of dawn, the peak has been no clarity yet different shades of white or blue in the sky. The next moment, begin to appear pink shades, which is the dawn heralding the arrival of the sun soon.

Dawn is taken as the appropriate time for awakening. For this reason there is the reveille, used by the military in its wake. Waking up just before sunrise and early to prepare for the day's activities.

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The display of the beauty of the flower lily!

The Aurora is the phase of the sunrise after sunrise, when, after the peak of white light, the sky and the clouds get pink shades. It's an odd spectacle of the dawn.

Not to be confused with the polar aurora, which is the optical phenomenon that happens in the polar regions due to the impact of particles from the solar wind with Earth's atmosphere. This phenomenon is known as aurora borealis or aurora australis, as the proximity to the north pole or south pole. Too bad only a few privileged regions of the world can contemplate this spectacle. Since the dawn of the morning it is possible to see anywhere, just get up early!

Aurora is also the goddess of dawn in Roman mythology, corresponding to the goddess of Greek mythology Eos. Aurora in Latin, means dawn.

It is the generic lily with beautiful flowers of the genus Amaryllis. The pink color of these unique flowers give it unparalleled beauty. This color is known as Rosicler and due to the similarity between the colors of the flower and the sky at dawn, just before sunrise, it is said that the dawn bears the color of amaryllis.

It is important to note that the color of dawn is not that orange or red you like, is a spectacle, so this time of the morning gets a special name!

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He that with his unique name to a few shows the star

What many call the morning twilight actually has its unique name: DILUCULO. Perhaps for simplicity and similarity of the phenomena, the term has been in the twilight place. However, while dusk means diluculo order, beginning. In nautical terms, it is always twilight, morning or evening, but these terms to define the exact moment that begin and end, ie, they are very technical.

Much is said of the beauty of twilight, but the diluculo leaves nothing behind. The same strong shades of red and orange provoke fascination in people. Dilúculos fall and spring, with even more vibrant hues, are as beautiful as the sunsets at the same times.

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That as cotton reflecting the fire ...

So many names, many ocasiões. The night, the sky looks black and the clouds, white or gray ... Quando be able to see. During the day, the sky is blue and shows geralmente boasts white clouds. Here's what has to be Alva, dawn, dawn, dilúculo, twilight, Fusco-lusco ... And so many names that marks sunrise and the sunset, like the WELL moments before sunrise or after sunset.

However, clouds and sky present a spectacle even after sunrise and before the sun begins to set. The clouds have sharp contrast between its lightest and darkest, as if lit. The sky takes on a more vivid color and also increases the contrast of color with clouds. Often, this show features shades roses, orange and red.

This show also has a name: afterglow. Often overlooked, because other spectacles of sunrise and sunset present with greater intensity, but the afterglow is a spectacle that must be observed with care. With the same care as was observed in the work of Zé Ramalho, Beira-Mar.

There is no distinction between the phenomenon named morning and evening, both are called afterglow. So do not forget: if the sun is up or not yet set, but the sky presents a beautiful spectacle, with vibrant colors, as if the clouds were glowing, is the afterglow is present, announcing that the star-sun king ends arrived or is about to retire.

... presents itself

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... and will dismiss

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As the girl who sees the film

The Twilight was so beautiful even more famous with the recent success in the movie that bears his name, mostly enjoyed by girls for its romantic story and, for that matter, the beautiful boys who star in the story.

But yes, it's pure beauty that the natural phenomenon is marked twilight. The farewell party of our sun is a star spectacle marked by colors that brings us to the fascination. So many like to portray, or even just enjoy. Twilight means and indicates the end, but the the end of the day, like the ceremony during the removal of the sun god.

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The cross-eyed and brown sad sleep

Dusk mean squint and dusky, brown. But Twilight is the last stage of the spectacle of the sunset. After the allure of twilight, when no more sun, the sky and the colors become less vibrant until now there's no sunlight, it is the twilight that has the noble mission of closing the farewell of the king.

But not because the colors are less vivid than the twilight is less beautiful. Although paler in color to the darkness, this phase shows various shades, such as yellow, brown, pink, purple and blue. There are moments of rare beauty.

One may question why there is a dawn evening, as you can see, among other colors, pink shades also after sunset. However, after sunset the colors come in a set order less, sometimes a shade appears, gives rise to another color and then returns. At other times, the sky takes on a color and will featuring shades of the same color, becoming darker, until the sky becomes completely dark with nightfall.

For this reason, the decline has many divisions as the dawn. This difference is explained. Although similar phenomena are different dawn and dusk: the first represents the coming of the sun and the second departure. Therefore, the propagation of light rays and occurs differently in each case, relative to the observer on Earth. It is easy to understand by comparison with the expression "morning sun" (who knows this expression, it is still easier to understand), just as dawn is the warming that was cold, the afternoon sun is different because heats up what has been heated in the morning. Another way to think about is making the comparison with the sound of a siren, as it approaches, it seems more acute, until it becomes different as it is close and gets worse as the vehicle moves away. Hence, the dawn would be like the shrill sound of the approach, the day would be like the normal siren and sunset, as the bass during the removal.

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