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Binho's Portal

What is the Binho's Portal?

Personal site of Binho RbSoft (my nickname), where I will share lots of information: hobbies, computer skills in the area of ​​security and development, personal interests and more.

The Portal isn't a website for the purpose of selling services or products, serves to share information and interests. I will create applications with which users can interact and also going to talk about the site, how it works and what techniques are used.

I wish the site to be helpful to you in some way: a place where you can learn, teach, talk, have fun, spend time. I want it to be a nice place where you enjoy visiting.

Relax and enjoy!

But who is Binho RbSoft?

Strong, handsome, hunk and intelligent, a living example of exaltation in person…

Now it's serious:

I… I'm the only person whose face I will never be able to kiss

I don't believe in faithfulness, I believe in honesty
I don't believe in words, I believe in feelings
I don't believe in promises, I believe in truth

But mostly, I'm who gives you the welcome.

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